In the current era, even indoors is polluted. The pollutants can enter your home from outside through the windows and doors. Besides these, even the chemicals present in cleaning products can result in pollution. To avoid pollutants and keep the quality of indoor air clean, Dyson has launched a new air purifier called Dyson Pure Hot + Cool.

The latest offering from the company called Dyson Pure Hot + Cool has been launched in India for Rs. 52,900. It serves three purposes - an air purifier, a regular fan blowing out cool air and a heater blowing hot air. Well, we have been using the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier for quite some time and here we have the review of the same.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool features a unique bladeless design. It is similar to the previous generation model called Dyson Pure Cool Tower in terms of design except for minor differences. The latest offering from the company has a unibody design to minimize the loss of energy and enhance the efficiency of air purification.

The device uses the Dyson Air Multiplier technology, which will create a low-pressure zone inside the elliptical ring at the top. Also, the process will be faster and will create a directed beam of air. Notably, the elliptical ring, which has a bladeless design is smaller in the current generation model. And, the air purifier can oscillate for up to 350 degrees.

The filters used in the current-generation model is similar to the one used by the Dyson Pure Cool Tower. In the Link, it has a layer of filter positioned under the mesh and includes the HEPA and carbon mesh to filter the air. The HEPA filter ensures that the air in every nook and corner of the room is purified.

The HEPA and carbon filters are positioned inside the cylindrical shroud positioned at the bottom of the unit. The whole device can be rotated for 350 degrees to make sure that there is complete protection from air pollution within the room. Dyson touts that this purifier can capture almost 99.95% of harmful pollutants that are as small as 0.1 microns. The air purifiers make use of use intelligent sensors to detect and display pollutants automatically in real-time including PM2.5, PM 10, NO2 and VOCs.

The display on the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is detailed and comprehensive and shows a lot of information. It is possible to get real-time updates of the air quality in your room with this display. the buttons on the sides of the air purifier unit will help in removing the filters and cleaning or replacing them whenever needed. The button above the circular display will help turn on/off the power.

There is a bundled remote control with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool. This remote control is quite handy with enough controls. There are buttons that are carved into the body of the air purifier and these do not protrude giving a flat feel. The interesting design element is the presence of a magnetized top that will hold the remote as it is placed on the elliptical ring of the air purifier. This prevents losing the remote control as it can be placed on the device.

The circular display on this air purifier shows a lot of details. It shows the details about pollutants that you might want to know. The display shows the indoor temperature, humidity and air quality. It also shows the presence of harmful odor and chemicals present in cleaning products and furnishing materials. If there are gases such as Nitrogen dioxide present indoors, then the display will indicate the same with red in the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sub-menu. The screen shows the life of both the HEPA and carbon filters as well so that you can replace the same whenever it is needed.

As you press the menu once, the option on the display will change. If you press it continuously, then it will move from one sub-menu to the other displaying all the necessary details you should know. The air quality data will be displayed in red if it is worse and will change to green as it improves.

Well, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool comes bundled with a smart and useful remote control. It has a button to turn the power on/off, the airflow speed, oscillation on/off, information menu, night mode, airflow speed an airflow direction. As mentioned above, this remote control has flat buttons and a curved design for better grip when held. There is a magnetic nature so that it can be gripped on to the air purifier even when it is in use. The information menu will show all the details including the presence of particulate matter and indoor air quality, filter life and harmful lifestyle.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier works with a companion app called Dyson Link. This app is available on both iOS and Android and lets it possible for users to monitor the air quality and control the purifier remotely. The app shows all the control settings and lets users adjust the fan speed, auto mode, the direction of airflow, night mode and information menu. It will show all the details such as the functions and features of the device.

It is also possible to turn your smartphone into a remote control and use it to control the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool even when the air purifier is in a different room using the app. From the app, it is possible to get the data per day for better management.

Besides air purification, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool comes with oscillation, which lets you operate it at various angles including 45, 90, 180 and 350 degrees. There is a Night Mode, which will help adjust the fan speed and dim the display automatically. It is also possible to change the direction of the airflow by choosing between the front or back. The purification process will remain the same but only the direction of the airflow will be changed.

Besides this, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool can be controlled via Amazon Alexa. You can give voice commands to turn the air purifier on or off, increase or decrease the fan speed, get the current air quality, choose between auto and night mode and other details. As of now, there is Dyson Alexa skill to control the airflow direction and oscillation.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool uses a 360-degree glass HEPA filter that is vacuum sealed, which uses 20-feet HEPA borosilicate microfibers arranged in a pleated form. It is touted that the filter can effectively remove almost 99.95% particulate matter including both PM10 and PM2.5. This filter traps harmful odors and harmful gases efficiently.

When it comes to air quality, we used the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool in our office in Bangalore and did get to see green ratings indicating that the air quality is good. While using cleaning agents, the display indicates a red and quickly goes back to green as it cleans and purifies the air.

While there is an option to get hot air from the air purifier, the body of the device does not get overheated due to the same. It retains the same exterior body temperature as there is enough mechanism to control it.

Talking about filter life, the HEPA and carbon filters life will be displayed on the information menu of the app. The filter will usually last for 12 months if you use it in heavily polluted areas. If you want to get them replaced, then you can get them for Rs. 1,900 each.

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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is priced at Rs. 52,900. It is both efficient in getting the purification process done and looks stylish as well. It can be used in your living room or bedroom to get rid of the impurities and dust. The device bundles many attractive features and shows all the information that is needed on the comprehensive screen. Though it is expensive, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool comes with a capable app, voice control features and more. The one thing we like about it is the ability of this device to remain cool and not to dissipate heat from the surface of the body even when it is used to blow hot air.

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