We have a wide range of versatile plastic pipes to help you with any plumbing project around your home, from replacing your bathroom basin tee to installing a new toilet pan connector. Choose from multiple lengths and diameters of plastic pipe with a variety of options from brands including John Guest Speedfit, FloPlast and Plasson.

With plenty of fittings to choose from, our selection of plastic pipes provide a convenient and affordable alternative to copper. From push fit and compression to flexible PEX barriers, we have a great range of pipes for easy to lay and quick to fit installations that are perfect for toilet spares and plumbing jobs around your home.

16 Inch Diameter Pvc Pipe

Plastic pipe connectors join your pipes together to create an effective plumbing system with a watertight seal. With flexible pan connectors that can be shaped to fit your setup and versatile straight couplings that can connect all types of pipe including plastic, copper and iron, we offer a wide variety of fast and reliable jointing options.

Our range also includes a vast choice of other essential plumbing components. Choose from threaded male and female pipe adaptors, elbow fittings to help water travel around compact corners or tee fittings that are ideal for combining and dividing your existing kitchen sink trap to your washing machine or dishwasher.

If you’re purchasing plumbing supplies for a professional job, join our Trade Pro scheme. Becoming a member saves you 10% every time you shop with us, plus, you’ll receive exclusive discounts and offers.

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