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General Motors faces a new class-action lawsuit after owners claimed the automaker’s 8-speed automatic transmission houses a major defect. Per the information posted to Classaction.org, drivers have experienced violent shakes, jerks, or a “hard shift” when selecting a gear with the automatic transmission.

The information also says 13 technical service bulletins have been filed about 8-speed automatic transmission problems, though none of them have remedied the problem absolutely.

The technical name for this transmission is either the 8L90 or 8L45 automatic transmission, which is found in numerous GM vehicles. The transmission pairs to cars on a rear-wheel-drive architecture, meaning owners of GM’s sports cars, luxury sedans, trucks, and SUVs have the 8-speed automatic transmission in question.

The problem is most common when a driver accelerates of decelerates and the transmission moves to shift a gear. Drivers reported a hesitation, then a shudder or jerk with the gear change. However, it’s not exclusive to gear changes as some owners reported the issue within a single gear. According to the information compiled so far, some drivers said the event has been so violent it felt like another car had hit them.

One owner reported that moving from the “reverse” to “drive” gear was so violent that the car nearly drove through a garage door.

It’s worth noting the NHTSA has also received numerous complaints about the transmission found in the number of GM vehicles. The lawsuit claims the issue’s source is the torque converter, which may be exposed to undue friction. Eventually, the gears may not function properly as metal shavings move throughout the transmission. This is not a definite conclusion, but an alleged issue in the lawsuit. One NHTSA complaint does cite a failed torque converter after 16,000 miles in a GMC Canyon.

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I have a 2016 Yukon Denali. At 45k the transmission started shuttering. Its now been in the shop 5 separate times for the same problem. They keep flushing the transmission but it only last a week or so until it starts again. It’s in the shop again they said GM said flush it again. If a transmission has been flushed 5 times and it still hasn’t fixed why would they keep doing it? This tells you how bright they are, but I’m going to keep on bringing it back and after 10 times I’m going to file my own suit and force them to buy it back or replace both my torque converter and transmission. When a car is under warranty and you can fix them you have to buy it back…we’ll see how it goes…

That’s because it has adaptive shifting. If you have a different driving style than the last person that drove it, it will do funny things. Not to mention rentals live a hard life. Some people have no problem beating on a rental because they have no respect for other people’s property.

The main issue is the Shudder that happens driving at 40 MPH on a slight upgrade. This is what most report on the forums. This is only an issue on some and not all of these transmissions.

GM has changed the programming, the Converters and even the transmissions with no correction for some. Now they have changed the fluid several times. The latest with a flush appears to be working. The fluid they were using was absorbing moisture and creating the issue.

The delay is another issue that some of them had a seal that let the converter leak down. It needed to fill before you would move. If you stepped on the gas before it filled then it would hit hard. There is another TSB on this and they just replace the transmission.

A class action is not going to fix the problem. GM has been working on it with a number of fixes and even has bought back vehicles with little drama. To be honest I don’t think GM knows for sure what the problem was.

Until the last fix they never said what they thought it was and the last fix they now claim moisture in the fluid and are using a new Mobil One Fluid to address it. So far I have not seen anyone have additional issues with the latest fix. They may have resolved it but only time will tell.

Knock on wood mine is good so far and I only have the hard first to second shift on cold days for the first couple miles. After that it is smooth as glass.

I did have the leak down issue and they replaced the transmission and converter with no question. No issue since.

You do know if you had troubles and had it replaced, it is NOT ” works fine so far” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you buy a new product, and have ( almost the most important ” part replaced it is NOT ” works fine so far” !!

After having troubles with my 8 speed transmission like MANY others the DEALER replaced it at GM’s expense !!

People like you go on and on about ” O there is nothing wrong with my transmission” and ” why would a person like myself be worried about the new 10 speed in the HD.”

First I have NEVER owned an automatic transmission in a truck, built by GM, that I haven’t had troubles with !!!

Second with GM having ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT, and doing NOTHING for their CUSTOMERS who have troubles, this is why a person would be worried !!

It is one thing to purchase a vehicle with warranty, but when said company does not have to honer said warranty it is a problem !!!

The warranty was ONLY created to give the buying public some reassurance of longevity of their purchase !!

Now that GM doesn’t even have to honor their own warranty and the CUSTOMER has to go to court for help, WHAT !!!!

I understand capitalism, and making money, but as an engineer, marketer, salesperson, service person, or just a HUMAN.

If on a daily basis I ran my business with the attitude of ” that’s good enough and if you have trouble you can sue” I could not sleep at night.

O Well you keep trying to convince yourself your GM vehicle has been FINE after a transmission replacement !!

This happens to other brands too. Just go look in the forums. Most of these issues are the dealers and not GM. Some service departments couldn’t figure out how to get out of box that has no top on it. I know people who have the vehicles with the 8 speed and have no issues. So its not as big as this lawsuit is making it. I’m surprise there isn’t any with Honda’s 9 speed and 1.5 turbo problems. Maybe there are but no one is paying any attention to it.

GM took care of my problem and the problem I had was not the shudder. I am ok on the shudder issue and fully disclosed I had a separate issue.

It was not the dealer that approved the replacement it was GM. In my case like it or not GM did me right in customer service.

I in no way defended anything I just explained what is going on since I have been watching this from a personal aspect of it. I may not have the issue now but later I may and I want to know where I stand. Sorry I don’t play the victim till I actually have the Shudder issue.

I have read the TSB’s and followed the corrections. The problem is GM did not know what is wrong. They have done various changes and not all are cheap. The latest they finally gave a reason and people who have had the latest fluid have reported good results. At this point only time will tell if that holds up.

If they all were failing the problem would be much easier to find. Since only some are experiencing the issue then it is much harder to isolate.

Might also google the Shudder issue and GM is not the only one with these issues. The moisture in the fluid make sense as Audi had the same issue and found some coolers were leaking in the radiator.

As for Greed the class action is just that. They get a group of lawyers to band together to represent the owners not at their request. They force GM into a settlement that results in a discount on a new car of $300 or a free oil change while they take millions for themselves for legal cost.

As for down vote for dots? There are more than myself that vote you down. The dots mean nothing to me as do most of your posts.

Now I FOR SURE do NOT agree with a lawsuit !!!!!! And I do also agree that the lawyers will get more out of this than the vehicle owners !!

GM if they loose will now pay the lawyers money and the GM CUSTOMER will just loose more, If GM would simply TRY, REACH OUT to the owners and say we are behind you as long as this trouble is happening.

A bunch of mechanical parts put into motion by fluid pressure on clutchplates now controlled by electric over hydraulic solenoids and a computer program.

Lets see GM first made an automatic transmission in ( ill take a guess in the 30’s ) so for 90 years, let that sink in 90 years and GM cant figure out what is the problem.

After all its like you saying, after 6 GM transmissions the one I have now seems to be working fine, no troubles here !!

Transmissions for most MFG’s are a mess. The issues with durability, hard shifts, shudder, slow shifts, hunting gears etc have been a problem for a good while for all brands.

Much of this is all due to the games they have to play with meeting MPG and emission and it leads to ever more complex transmissions and more potential issues.

People wonder why MFGS are pushing electric? This is one of several reasons. EV has no transmission. They have less moving parts, they have less government regulations etc.

If they could reduce the cost and increase the range and decrease charge times they could solve many of their issues they face with so many vehicles anymore.

Today if a MFG gets programming wrong on a transmission odds are good they can not change it because it would void their government testing and put them at risk of EPA violations that would be even more expensive than some upset customers lawsuit.

Building cars is damn hard and it is only going to get more complex and more difficult. The technology in today’s cars surpasses what NASA used in the 60’s-90’s.

Sorry if reality get in the way of you playing the victim. Life is what you make of it. Some of it goes right some does not and how you deal with it is what matters. Pissing and moaning is just going to stain your car seat.

Yep Ram has problems with the redesigned ZF 8. Ford has problems with their 10R80. Toyota has had problems for 4 years now with the Tacoma’s 6-sp auto. Ram’s 8-sp actually had problems for the first 2 or 3 years that were identical to the complaints mentioned on the class action web page.

In this transmission case GM has replaced Converters, Transmissions, programming, now 3 different kinds of fluids. If none of that has worked they have bought back vehicles.

Please note the latest fluid appears to be working to this point with those who have had it. It is too soon for it to be declared the solution but right now it appears to be the fix for the minority of owners who are having this issue.

Plain and simple they have been searching for a solution proven by the evidence in the TSB’s and the many things they have been doing have been documented.

About the only thing left after a buy back is to have the folks at the tech center executed just to please you.

Yes, that would be sufficient if every owner was treated to that standard, however that isn’t the case.

Lets see, ANY other product you purchase in the WORLD today if it does not work as advertised will be replaced or you can return for your full purchase price.

I am not a autoworker and for sure would NEVER work for a union !!!! The only vehicle interest I have is making mine go down the road.

However I do own my own business, Contracting, Construction related stuff, Renewable energy, New tech stuff.

Like your comment of In this transmission case GM has replaced Converters, Transmissions, programming, now 3 different kinds of fluids. If none of that has worked they have bought back vehicles.

OK if I were to roof a house and the roof leaks, it doesn’t matter haw many times I replace the shingles if the roof still leaks the roof is NOT fixed !!!!

Do you think the homeowner cares how many times I replace the roof material if it still leaks ? Would you ? I’ll help you with this answer because I think you still can not figure out FIXED !!!! the answer is NO, NO, NO !!!!

Also I DID, I DID, agree with you if your transmission was fixed that YOU, YOU, YOU did get GOOD, GOOD, GOOD, CUSTOMER SERVICE.

BUT AGAIN, BUT AGAIN, not ALL the people with these problems are getting the same treatment as YOU !!!!!!

If everyone with these problems were getting the same treatment as you, they would be happy with a good working vehicle and that is why they bought one. NOT ONE person buys a new vehicle because they want to live with troubles, they want a new trouble free vehicle !!!!!

Here is my plain and simple If you GM can not make a vehicle perform as advertised or expected ( you know 8 speed with 8 gears ). This should be simple for you as you yourself have stated some of these work good.

OK take the one that works and compare it to the one that does not, if you can not get the rest to work like the one that does give the owner THEIR MONEY back !!!!! ALL THEIR MONEY !!! the CUSTOMER spent THEIR MONEY on your, GM’s product, and expected it to perform as the AVERAGE MASS PRODUCED products similar have .

If GM has all this cash to invest in the future and pay dividends, why cant they fix the product that has made that possible ??

If a 10 speed is the answer, install a 10 speed in these vehicles with a new module program it and fixed.

I do NOT want people to lose there jobs or “get executed as you said” The engineers know how to fix this they just are not allowed to spend the money to do it.

ARE YOU SERIOUS !!!! You think this can’t be fixed, you think there is no one on the planet Earth that can solve this problem !!

If GM sold 800,000 Silverado trucks, add all the other applications of this 8 speed how many do you get in 5 years ?

Take that times 5 years of purchase parts to get the good GM quantity deal that’s 2 million 5 hundred thousand of them. 2,500,000. OK !

So lets say on this junk the failure rate is higher than the average bell shaped failure curve at even 5 %.

That’s six thousand two hundred and fifty 6,250 people who got treated like CRAP again by the HORRIBLE GM CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I would also be willing to bet that out of ALL the people who are having troubles or have had troubles OVER HALF feel they were treated poorly by the HORRIBLE GM CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

The bad dealers have been a problem for the big three for decades. Most have too many dealers and with the franchise system they can not off these dealers even if they want to. GM tried to close a good number of poor dealers at the bail out but the government stopped them.

GM has tried to strangle the dealers with the surveys they send out by penalizing them with less allocation of good product and cutting of discounts.

As for changing the 8 speeds to 10 speeds in not possible. The problems there is not just the cost of the new transmission which is the least of the issue. The problems come in that all new testing for crash and emissions would need to be done at billions on each model. The fact the 10 speed may not even fit in most vehicles.

The cost of all the other related parts is a major factor too. we are talking sifters computer programs, drive shafts, transfer cases etc.

Then there is the hacked up nature to do this to many customer vehicles that could also lead to other problems that could come up in the future.

As for looking at the trucks with no problems and comparing them to those that are. It has been done. Often problems are not apparent and that is why the search for a cure goes on.

Even if a software issues could fix this that would put the vehicle out of compliance with emission the government would not permit it.

The reality is majority of these vehicles have not had an issue. Yes a larger than normal number have had issues. The search goes on and right now the latest fluid that arrived in January appears to be working. We may have a answer to this finally but I am waiting longer to make sure as moving to summer could change that dynamic.

I can tell you are not in the automotive field as you really show you have no clue to even part of what all is involved.

I have some issue with your attitude that you “would never work for a Union”! More and more, the GOP (Greedy Old Pricks) party has been doing what they are best at – lying, deceiving, and manipulating “We the People” in order to help the 1%ers, the multinational corporations, and the military-industrial complex (the one that Eisenhower(!) warned us about on his last day of office) to make inceasingly greater profits. (Secret fact: While GOP politicians SAY they are for immigration restrictions, they secretly SUPPORT allowing immigrant workers in to keep wages down. Their latest deception is Duhhhmp’s new “skilled worker” immigration requirement. That’s so they can reduce professional-level wages for American-born workers! ) To that end, the Repugnantcans have been spewing ALL kinds of BS to turn the typical ‘dumbed-down’ American into being anti-Union – the latest deception being over “right-to-work” laws (this misleading name even makes me nauseous!) Why? So that they can pay Americans as little as possible, and have no/little worker protections or regulations! So, the next time you want to ignorantly diss Unions – run this list thru your mind of how ALL Americans have benefitted from Union activity (including you, unless you were born “with a silver spoon in your hand!”): [the following is NOT a complete list] ALL Breaks at Work (including Meal Breaks) – 8-Hour Work Day – 5-day Work Week – 40 Hour Work Week

Minimum Wage – Overtime Pay – Holiday Pay – Compensation Evaluations & Increases (Raises) – Sick Leave – Military Leave – Pregnancy and Parental Leave – Bereavement Leave – FMLA – Paid Vacation Employer-provided Health Care Insurance – Employer-provided Dental, Life, and Vision Insurance – Pensions – Social Security – Unemployment Insurance – Worker’s Compensation Insurance – Temporary Disability Insurance

Child Labor Laws – Laws Ending Sweatshops in the United States – Public Education for Children – Employee Polygraph Protection Act (Prohibits Employer use of a lie detector on an employee) – Collective Bargaining Rights for Employees – Employee’s Right to Strike – Wrongful Termination Laws – Civil Rights Act / Title VII (Prohibits Employer Discrimination) – Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 – Privacy Rights – Workplace Safety Standards and Regulations – Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA) – Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS) – Equal Pay Acts of 1963 & 2011 (Requires employers pay men & women equally for the same type & amount of work) – Sexual Harassment Laws – Whistleblower Protection Laws – Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

But Corvettes are so Purdy! That makes up for all ills. Keep them parked in garage and wax them. Like a full size diecast model! lol…. Here comes C8 – with a dual clutch….ouch

The most irresponsible & undocumented post I’ve read in a while . Since we now have your opinion on everything from how others should post to capitalism maybe you can lay low for a while while others exchange ideas.

Resident GM fanboi Scott. Making excuses for a brand new transmission going out. On his own vehicle. Wow. The sooner your dense generation dies out the better. GM will go with you.

What about all the complaints on the Taco transmission? They shift terrible slow and clunky. You would think in the many years they have made it they would have sorted out something by now.

Well your on GM Authority. I think GM fanboi’s are there thing. I mean who spends there time going onto a (insert brand here) forum and calls everyone a fanboi related too (insert brand), unless they are a tool….

Still not sure how that helps solve the transmission troubles or make the buying public aware that GM has ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT, but hey scott3 you be you !!!

Meanwhile in the real world of HORRIBLE GM CUSTOMER SERVICE, REAL PEOPLE, MANKIND, AMERICANS, WORKERS, DOERS, SOLDIERS, MOMS, DADS, GRANDPAS, GRANDMAS, are having trouble with a GM product, they the CUSTOMER payed for, and you call names, make excuses, and blame.

“The hard shift in first gear is when it is cold. More load the smoother it is. Once warm it is gone.”

I don’t know where you get you information from, but this statement is far from true. Mine shifts so hard from 1st to 2nd and back down that if feels like I’ve been rear ended ALL DAY LONG!

I’m pissed as a owner of this pos transmission I’ve been to the dealer 3 times for them to do software updates no fix then GM main customer support sent me to a gm dealership and they found 3 bolts missing seals missing and replaced a harness truck ran good for a week now it’s even worse so back to shop for the 4th time and still no resolve now how would you feel paying 55k for a truck that has no power with the hard shifts and clunks and all the dealership dummys are saying is it’s the characteristics of the transmission it’s called “the 1-2 clunk”

Are there any relevant issues to the GM 9 speed transmission? I drive a 2018 GMC Terrain and have had weird occurrences. My auto start stop has prevented my vehicle from accelerating after coming to complete stop. Happened 3 times in last 4 months. Plus one occurrence of not accelerating on the I-75 in metro Detroit. Basically was merging and needed to speed up a little bit and the Terrain freaked out. The revs went up to 5k rpm and I could not accelerate. Took it to the dealership, and they could not replicate my issues.

There are issues, I just hope you and your dealer get along good because GM has no customer support !!

Gm is not the only one having issues with newer transmissions. Remember unlike 20 years ago these transmission are mostly controlled by a computer so they try to make them shift as smooth as possible but at times you will have a hiccup. Not saying there is not a problem with the 8 speed but it seems it not as many as this lawsuit is claiming. FCA 9 speed still is a problem and so is Honda’s but where are the lawsuits against them. Seems GM is a easy target for lawyers.

There are no lawsuits against the others because the automotive manufacturers are working with their CUSTOMERS !!

That is a bold lie. GM worked with me on my issue with a full replacement on my issue. GM is working with others on this shudder issue. The TSB’s have outlined this and many have had the work done. The problem is they are not fully sure what is going on.

If you are so enlightened then tell us what is causing the issues and what GM needs to do to to fix this?

As we speak now the fluid change is $300 for fluid alone and are being done daily. This is after they have already changed converters and done flushes before. Owners are given loaner vehicles etc. If that is not working with the customer I am not sure what you expect.

I am ok with spending the money on the future but if you think this SIMPLE automatic transmission trouble cant be fixed when man kind can have a rover driving around on Mars you are crazy.

The truth is GM spends where they see fit. As long as the sales are ok they spend that profit elsewhere.

But GM is always just barley good enough. The new truck is now loosing out to a RAM, a RAM for Christ sake !!

Making up excuses for not allocating enough money to build something robust is the exact thing I am talking about with the 10 speed NOT ALLISON.

Sure Allison has troubles, just like ALL mechanical equipment does, but NOT, NOT, NOT at the rate GM does, and their stuff is in heavy trucks.

You think all the inventors and doers of the WORLD are sitting around ” I quit, this is damn hard ”

For some reason you think I am playing the victim. The only thing I am a victim of is for some reason thinking GM cared about THEIR CUSTOMER !!

All my vehicles are doing just fine at my expense, no beef in fixing the troubles that arise from normal wear and tear.

What do I whine a lot about ? I have no vehicle issues !! All the vehicles I own are working fine at this time. I am not the ones that are in all the lawsuits with GM.

All I know is that I had a 2011 Cruze . The automatic tranny was a joke. It’s quirks never got resolved. Later, GM added start/stop to the mix. It killed the Cruze and all of it’s kind. I’m surprised the issues never killed trucks and Vettes. But, I guess the trucks and Vettes fill a certain void in the hearts of owners that nothing else can fill. Even with problematic and quirky performance. All this, and GM doesn’t put a dual injection system to save owners big money when the Gunk Up begins. Direct Inj only? How Ancient can you get?

My local Stealer wasn’t ordering any 1500 series trucks with the A8. If that is raising the Red Flag. My A6 trans does weird stuff as well and the shudder feels like clutches slipping or the apply band due to low pressure or an MPS. General Motors is going to be like Chrysler Motor Co. was in the 80’s and 90’s.

With all the problems with the redesigned 8-sp in the 2019 Ram, they’ll be holding onto their trans isssue stays for a while yet. What’s really funny is that when they finally started using the 8-sp, Ram had a TON of problems that are identical to the complaints in this lawsuit. Torque converter problems and hard shifts.

But if and when the CUSTOMER of RAM has to stoop to a lawsuit it will be because of how their customer was and is treated by FCA.

Unlike GM who as a company has ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT, I hear RAM is working endlessly to try to cater to the needs of their CUSTOMERS, people, humans, who spent their hard earned dollars on a RAM product.

GM in its glory days treated the CUSTOMER with respect, tried to help, FESSED up to their mistakes, IMO.

The GM of today is take, take, take, and your only recourse as a CUSTOMER is to sue, or write on the forums to spread awareness !!

We’ve had both a 2015 and 2017 yukon xl denali with this transmission. It sounds like its ready to fall apart on you. The dealership said it was something to do with software issue and “updated” it, but still worse than ever…biggest piece of junk…thats why we dont buy gm any more….

I recall quite well selling Buick’s back in the late 80’s/90’s with the 4L60E trans (at least I think that’s the code for it). These cars were big, had a great ride, handled well (especially with the touring suspension), had plenty of power and they would easily get over 30 MPG’s on highway cruising. Makes me think of the old saying, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! Now back to today where nothing has less than a 6 speed. Why? You take a full sized Volvo S90 with the T5 turbo 4cly and the 8 speed and it won’t get any better MPG than the Park Avenue Buick did with a NA 3800 V6 and 4 speed. What gives?

I agree, my old modded TBSS had around 500hp but was getting over 20 mpg at 80mph with luggage and a/c on with the 4L70E and nearly 30mpg under the same circumstance with a V8 GP with the 4L60E. Unless America gets unrestricted highways IMO its no need for more than 4-6 gears but have to stay with the times with today’s 10 speeds.

All I can say is I have a Silverado 17 that has a shake that gm cannot fix after 6 tries ,it’s in the drivetrain ,marry Barra making 20 mill a year and not standing behind there biggest money making product , hope u can speak Spanish Marry

2016 GMC Sierra SLT/4X4/Z71 I had the truck one week and brought it back for Transmission hunting for gears and slipping, they told me they could not reproduce the problem. Brought it back for first oil change reported the same problem. They changed the fluid. Second oil change flushed the Torque coverter and changed fluid. Third oil change they changed the torque converter. fourth oil change replaced the valve body. Going back in shortly because now back to original problem and slipping and banging from reverse to forward, the problem is real not sure if i qualify for lemon Law but will explore.

Update. My GMC Sierra SLT/4X4/Z71 is at the Dealership now for a week, they are replacing the Clutch Plates. I will update, hopefully this repair action will improve the performance of the transmission.

Update on my April 25th post, prior visits to the Service Dept. they have replaced the Torque converter and the Valve Body.. My GMC Sierra SLT/4X4/Z71 is at the Dealership now for a week, they are replacing the Clutch Plates. I will update, hopefully this repair action will improve the performance of the transmission.

i have had my 2017 Colorado in the dealership 6 times for a slipping transmission, they “flashed” the software 4 times, replaced the torque converter, replaced the fluid with full synthetic and i still have slipping issues..

I have a 2016 Cadillac CTS that does these things–and a 2018 corvette that is smooth as silk. I took the Cadillac into the dealer and they did a bunch of things to it and it is better –but not perfect (as a Cadillac should be) by any means. Not sure what I should do now.

You will end up mingling and meeting several others who have had to experience the GM LACK of CUSTOMER SUPPORT, and find the only option is said lawsuit.

If you personally are unable to fix the issue. Take your vehicle to a transmission shop, or a tuner shop, and tell them you want it fixed, change the transmission out until you get a good one.

GM will never spend the money it will take to fix the issue for you, the CUSTOMER, GM just wants you to buy the new product with the “new improved thinngy”

In reading the various comments, I noted that some folks have mentioned having shakes and weird behavior on their 6 speeds as well as those folks complaining about the 8 speed. Our 2013 Suburban, with a 6 speed, has spent many days in the dealers garage trying to solve the vibrations we experience. When the car was new, they were not there. It began to become noticeable around 70 thousand miles and has gotten worse since then. Also, it got worse after the first transmission flush. Now that we’re over 97 thousand miles, it’s almost constant at any speed below 40 mph. It also makes strange noises once in a while, starting up a steep hill. And it’s always kept in 2 wheel drive. Actually, I miss our 2007 with the 4 speed.

I don’t have very noticeable issues when driving but my 2018 Silverado with the 8-speed has been in to the dealer for a transmission/torque converter related issue and what I would call a very serious one at that. My truck, when shifting from park to drive, after starting for the first time in the AM has chirped the rear tires and left 12″ tire marks on the concrete as it lurched forward over a foot. Of course it was not reproducible at the dealership and has only happened 1 more time.

I currently own a 2017 Cadillac ATS Premium Luxury which I ordered new.It has the 3.6 V6 with the 8L45 8 speed transmission.The transmission is Horrible..From my experience it is mainly the 1st-2nd upshift (will slip very badly and then “bang into 2nd gear.Also while braking the the vehicle will lunge forward while downshifting from 2nd to 1st gear.It is an intermittent problem(happening approx., 20-30 % of the time) But when it does it is really bad.Love the car,hate the transmission.Hope General Motors does come up with a fix for this problem

This very serious defect is not limited to the 8 speeds.The 6 speeds are also experiencing the same torque converter problems.I have had to purchase 3 different trucks in the last 2 years.All of them have has failing transmissions. First one was 2017 Silverado the 2nd one was 2017 sierra and the 3rd was 2018 Elevation.All these trucks had the 6 speed transmissions. Delaminating torque converters were the main cause which intern lead to failed valve body and pump assembly.GM is on the edge of completely falling apart over this issue.The transmission are unfixable.I just got my 2018 back from dealership 2 weeks ago and just yesterday the truck developed a long delay going into drive after using reverse.The RPM rises before gear ingauges ,then goes in with a loud and aggressive clunk bang.3 trucks in a row.This in my experience can only be a factory defect.I know there is a lot of un happy 6 speed owners out there,class action will soon include 6 speed as well.

Well lets see if your talking to a GM customer support agent right now, your reality is you are having a bad day !!

#1 I like that #, Good and bad dealers, I AGREE there are both !! They are ALSO GM dealers !!! I know GM does not own them however they are selling and servicing GM products. When the CUSTOMER has trouble with a GM dealer what does the CUSTOMER do ? Answer CALL GM !!!!! If you are saying there are good and bad, and I AGREE !!! than GM should have a GM service center to offset the CUSTOMER who has a BAD DEALER. Maybe one, may be three, in the US. You know when you call GM and they want to place blame on the dealer for their mistakes, you could eliminate the problem and get to the source!! Again if the dealer has been the problem for DECADES, ——-FIX THE PROBLEM——– If I had the SAME PROBLEM for DECADES, I would have FIXED THE PROBLEM by now!!!!! ( blame, blame, blame )

I’m not even going to go there and read ALL of the franchise laws of every state but I will trust you that the reason GM cant fix this transmission trouble is the dealers fault !!!! WOW !!!!!!

The only way out, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, GM doesn’t have to buy the dealers out BUY BACK THE TRUCKS from the CUSTOMER !!!! Give the CUSTOMER a NEW TRUCK, seems like GM has plenty of the new ones sitting around right now. ( that was a jab if you didn’t get it )

I again am NOT going to check your cost analysis of BILLIONS, BILLIONS per model, BILLIONS, per model ???

No wonder GM is making so many models, should we list them all ? is this the place ? lets just guess again and say 25 models at BILLIONS per. Is that two BILLION or ten BILLION per ? Maybe 100 BILLION per that sounds better, still BILLIONS.

Now YOU think I have no understanding of this automotive world. However I did work in the automotive component field for 15 years, so there is that. I have served on a SAE team setting SAE standards for a automotive component. I have my name on an automotive component, US patent, I have sat through HOURS and HOURS of ” Black Belt “, ISO, QS, OSHA, and so many safety training meetings that it makes me sick I waisted that much time on people trying to teach people how to do a quality job !!!, but you just keep going down that line of thought, matters zip to me.

I also agree that the software plays a roll in some. Like my own Canyon with the 3.6 – 6 speed, the trouble with those ( or mine ) is the 3.6 has NO torque at 1200 RPM and GM programmers had it do the “quick upshift ” I am assuming for fuel standards. With this “quick upshift” the torque converter locked up and CHUG, CHUG, CHUG, CHUG, as you accelerated the torque converter then would unlock, lock, unlock, lock, and just make matters worse.

A simple shift tune fixed ALL this, AND, AND, AND improved the mileage ( calculated mileage by miles and gallons ). As per GOVT, I’m sure the emission testing plays a roll hear, but the correlation between real world and test world is NOT accurate. As the driver accelerates the vehicle revs so much higher than ” test” environment that it uses MORE fuel and there fore MORE emissions. At least mine did ( back to real world ) !!!!!

UART/BT Transceiver

So as YOU stated ” majority of these vehicles have NOT had an issue ” I would it think the LEAST EXPENSIVE thing for GM to do is BUY BACK or REPLACE with new there KNOWN FAULTY PRODUCT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT go to YOUR EXTREME and buy out dealers or spend BILLIONS, again BILLIONS, recertifying a model !!!

In the end it will not matter what either of us feel, GM will spend the LEAST amount of MONEY to try to solve this problem, and HUGE amounts of money trying to convince people it was someone else’s fault that. Wait for it !!!

I have talked to GM CUSTOMER service, if that is what they want to call it, and can relate to NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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