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The average employed individual, if asked might rue that a month rushes by in a flurry of activity. Corporate professionalism is life in the fast lane which is driven by time, processes and targets. When you do not make the time to unwind and decompress, it translates as stress, anxiety, depression, anger and frustration.

The good news however is that we can be a part of the system without being bogged down by it. A sure-fire way of dealing with this issue lies in Yoga and meditation as the ultimate solution. We have to understand that we cannot change the process but we can change our responses to them. This leads to development of patience, improves listening powers and transfer the power back to the individual.

Here are a few simple asanas, pranayama and meditation technique that corporate professionals can include in their everyday practice. By spending 20-30 minutes each day, you can improve your physical health, balance your energies and engage the mind for overall wellness and positivity.

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This is a meditation technique to help calm your nerves, raise mindfulness and deflect any negative experiences.

The practice of Yoga whether at the individual level, or even as a group can bring about immense benefits to the practitioner. Begin your journey of Yoga today for physical and mental wellness, this boosts your stamina so you remain energetic through the day. Companies too experience lower rates of attrition, better productivity and higher employee morale by starting a group exercise session like yoga up to 3 times per week in their premises.

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